Replace Law Firms, Settle Cases—The New Litigation Strategy

BTI Litigation Outlook 2015 is your trusted and essential guide to navigating the hurdles in the market
ahead. Use it to immediately target the best opportunities, overcome challenges and prepare for the
biggest changes. 


Inside You'll Discover

Litigation Spending Forecast 2015

  • Complete analysis of 6 segments of the litigation market along 15 industries
  • Target over 20 pockets of growth
  • Manage the 4 areas experiencing brutal price pressure

Clients Rank Law Firms by Name

The 2015 Fearsome Foursome

Precise Spending Forecasts for 6 Distinct Types of Litigation

  • IP Litigation
  • Class Actions and Torts
  • Product Liability
  • Commercial
  • Employment
  • Securities and Finance


Stand out in Today’s Competitive Market

6 Proven Recommendations to:

  • Target business development efforts to really win new clients
  • Define your competitive strengths—and vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen marketing messages to win business
  • Add precision and facts to RFP responses
  • Better position your firm with detailed insights on:
    • Your competitors
    • Client buying and spending habits
    • Top client priorities and needs